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DeFi done simply
The easiest way to buy, sell, swap and earn rewards on your digital assets.
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Liquid+ is a revolutionary DEX unlike any other. We curate the highest performing and most robust liquidity pools to create a one-stop platform for astute investors. Choose from over 900 individual pools, or if you prefer, use our custom aggregated index baskets to create passive wealth by offering your digital assets as liquidity. With no human or machine intermediaries, your assets are safe as all transactions are using secure smart contract architecture.
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Insert your funds using our custodial or non-custodial wallet options into the Liquid+ pools.
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Simplified De-Fi access
DeFi can be incredibly complex, but it doesn't have to be. We have made the entire process simple for you. Our Liquid+ app is so easy to use, in just a few clicks, you will be earning rewards on your digital assets.
You will never need to use another DeFi platform. We have curated the best liquidity pools across all the other DeFi platforms and put them all in one place to make it easy for you. Our platform automates and simplifies the complex steps normally required in DeFi. On-ramping, buying Crypto, switching networks, swapping tokens, splitting for pools are all done automatically with one click. And best yet, our platform supports over 200 tokens and 56 chains with our proprietary Cross-chain and multi-chain technology.
What makes us different?
Our mission is to make DeFi so simple that anyone can feel confident to participate. We have created a platform that removes the complexity and allows everyone to earn passive rewards on their digital assets. We have focussed on transparency by allowing you to easily track your transactions.
Cross chain & Multi-chain
Allows your assets to seamlessly move within and between the Blockchains. Using Smart Contract security means there is no intermediary (human or machine).
Our aggregated index baskets offer a simple and easy way to earn rewards by offering liquidity to our pools.
Our platform is easy to use and offers users many options to earn rewards on your assets. We have removed the complexities of DeFi.
Fiat on and off ramping
Getting started is easy. We accept deposits from your bank account, PayID, credit card or digital wallet. If you don't have a digital wallet, we can create one for you in 2 easy steps.
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