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It's as easy as 1-2-3
Connect your wallet
Connect your existing digital wallet or set up a new Liquid Crypto wallet in 2 easy steps.
Start trading
Buy, Sell, Swap, Bridge or farm, all your DeFi transactions in one place. Effortlessly manage your entire portfolio in one Dapp.
Earn rewards
Our AI driven platform always returns the highest market rates across intelligent Swaps, omnichain bridge transactions.
Liquid Crypto AI platform
AI powered engine to find you the best market rates for DeFi transactions.
Liquid+ uses smart contracts to automate and maximise yield farming rewards from liquidity pools, AMM projects, and other DeFi opportunities.
AI powered intelligence
Liquid Crypto uses artificial intelligence to scan all available DEXs and find the best rates for token swaps, saving users time, money, and hassle.
Wallet Integration
Easily connect your preferred wallet to our secured platform and have full control over your digital assets.
DeFi Mining+
Our platform offers a combination of smart contracts, user autonomy, transparency, and innovative features that set us apart from the competition.
Instant, easy, and secure omni-chain transfers across multiple chains to capitalise on more opportunities.
Decentralised Exchange (DEX)
Unlike traditional centralised exchanges, Liquid Crypto's DEX operates without intermediaries, providing with the greater control.
Artificial Intelligence DEX as a Service
Fast and easy AI DaaS integration solution for your platform. Increase utility, revenue and solve your liquidity issues. Start offering DEX services to your community today.
White Label
Every project, chain and exchange needs DEX services. White label the Liquid Crypto platform and instantly be able to offer your community the ability to buy, sell, swap and bridge.
Token Utility Creation
Utility is key in Web3. Let us help you create that utility. We can onboard your token to our platform, create liquidity pairs and allow bridging between multiple chains.
Liquidity solved
We assist you with treasury management and liquidity issues by creating liquidity pairings for your token. Providing token pairs allows your community (and others) to swap, bridge and buy your token on our exchange.
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About Liquid Crypto
Liquid Crypto is a fully decentralised finance platform that removes the barriers investors currently face across both Traditional and Decentralised finance platforms.
Our vision is to remove the inefficiencies and lack of transparency of traditional finance models by delivering products and services that unlock real value in the crypto markets.
Our Team
Core Team
Choua Lee
CEO and Founder
Meagan Henderson
CMO and Co-Founder
Timothy Haynes
GM and Co-Founder
Elly Seecomb
Head of Operations
Hristina Mancheva
Head of Social and Creative
Enigma Fund
Kurt Uhler
Brian Tran
Eran Elhanini
Lisa Belden
What Our Partners Say
"Liquid Crypto has what it takes to drive meaningful change and make a significant impact on the entire Web3 space."
Alex Cheung
Founding Partner at Baboon VC
"Liquid Crypto has been instrumental in helping us mange our liquidity."
Thanawat Lertwattanarak
Powering the most advanced trading in Web3
The all-in-one platform to track and trade your assets.
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